What’s in the Tissue to make it work?

Human Cell & Tissue Products

How it Can Be Used:
  • Spinal
  • Shoulder
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Elbow
  • Back
  • Foot and ankle
  • Wrist and hand
  • Hair loss
  • Skin tonity

More Than Just Cells

There is much in the news about regenerative medicine. To characterize regenerative
medicine as just specialized cells is not only incorrect, it is not in compliance with
FDA guidelines. Companies continue to research and analyze the intricate relationship of contributing factors needed to help the body repair, replace, cushion, support, protect and function at optimal levels. It’s that thorough understanding of all the parts that make the whole that enables us to OFFER market leading products.
The body’s regenerative process requires a dynamic environment consisting of a variety of growth factors, cytokines, scaffolding, hyaluronic acids, mesenchymal cells and chemokines. So in the event of injury, the body relies upon more than just a specific cell. It needs the complex rally of many cells and proteins to help start or aid the regenerative process and get it back up to speed. That’s where we come in, replenishing what the body needs, where the body needs it, to better maintain the whole. Is there a better way to care for the body?
Autologous: from you to you.
There’s a wide range of products and processes within regenerative medicine…and just as many differences between them. For example, the autologous process obtains a sample from you, for your own use. This method of treatment can be time-consuming and painful. Further, we believe samples taken from oneself run the risk of not being as rich and potent as younger, healthier birthing tissues. So while some companies may promote autologous treatments, we prioritize products sourced from donor birth tissue to help create the optimal regenerative environment.
Allogeneic: from donor to you.
The products we use are allogeneically sourced, which means they are derived from donor tissue for use by another person. We believe firmly in the hardy, vital capabilities found in HCT/Ps sourced from donated birthing tissue and their capacity to help heal and restore the body. Just as a car owner replenishes with new oil during an oil change, we believe the body can function better with HCT/Ps sourced allogeneically
Finding better ways to better repair, replace and restore.
By thoroughly understanding the building blocks at work within the human body, We are able to pinpoint specific tissue sources we believe are best suited for regenerative medicine. Our products are intentionally derived from two tissue sources: the Wharton’s jelly layer of the umbilical cord as well as placental tissue. These rich, potent tissue sources are uniquely able to help protect, cushion and support injured parts of the body as well as aid the optimal regenerative environment
The power of giving, for the good of everybody.
Our products are ethically sourced from donated birthing tissues such as umbilical cords and placentas from full-term deliveries. Comprehensive medical and social histories of the donor are obtained, and tissues are procured, processed, and tested to exceed standards established by FDA. 


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